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5 Steps Your Most Powerful Marketing Weapon

When most restaurant owners hear the words “marketing material”, the takeout menu is not something that immediately comes to their mind. They think of posters, banners, social media posts, and many other things that can be used to market a restaurant.

This is why the takeout menu is the most overlooked piece of marketing material in restaurants.

Your Takeout Menu As A Marketing Material

Your takeout menu is so much more than just a collection of your food items and their prices. It is your most important and effective piece of advertising material. It is easy to produce and costs only a fraction of other advertising materials.

But if marketed correctly, the takeout menu can bring more returns than what it took to produce it. So let’s look at how you can market your menus effectively to get the most out of them.

Design A Stunning Menu

You have to understand that your takeout menu is the material that will inspire people to order your food. So its design is of utmost importance. Not only does it have to look good, but it also needs to have a functional design.

What do I mean by functional design? Well, it means that you have to design your takeout menu in a manner that makes the action you want people to take (order your food) a seamless experience. For that, it is better to have your takeout menu professionally designed. You can check out printAgraphy’s elegant and functional design services here.

Make It Searchable

Nowadays most customers search for food items, not restaurants. They will type into Google the specific item they want, and look for the best possible option. So, for any restaurant to be profitable in this day and age, they need to show up in the search results.

Google uses something called a crawler to read and analyze the contents of a webpage. For your takeout menu to show up in search results, it needs to be readable to Google’s crawler. So instead of just uploading your menu as a pdf file (which is essentially an image), have it typed into HTML text.

Keep It Updated

The contents of your takeout menu must be up to date. It is your responsibility as a restaurant owner to provide customers with the most accurate information about your food, its prices, and other important things.

Information such as your contacts, and business hours need to be updated regularly too. Otherwise, it can lead to unpleasant experiences for customers. Such as being unable to order because the contact information has been changed or going to the restaurant when it is closed.

Put It On Your Social Media

Your menu should be available on all of your social media platforms. Now, your might be thinking that getting the takeout menu on all platforms sounds time-consuming, and maintaining it will be tedious.

And you are right. Since different platforms have different features and structures having your menu look the same on all platforms and keeping it updated is a difficult task. But giving customers the option to access your takeout menu when they are visiting your social media page can help you generate massive amounts of business.

So to solve this problem, you can use third-party services such as Linktree, Single Platform, etc. These will make featuring the takeout menu on your socials much more convenient.

Put It In Every Take Out Box

This one is a no-brainer. Every package of food delivery that leaves your restaurant must include a few copies of your takeout menu. This makes sure your menu reaches other potential customers. It can also be used as a way to send coupons and discount offers to customers.

A lot of businesses underestimate the value of the menu and end up underutilizing it. But its versatility and effectiveness rival other expensive forms of advertisement. So it’s important to see it as not just a menu but also as an important marketing tool.

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