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You’ll Need To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Business

Creating a perfect logo for a business can be a daunting task. It’s not just about associating some symbols or typography with your business. There are stories to tell, emotions to convey, trust to build. The logo for your business needs to explain to people who you are, what you do, and what you believe in.

The logo is also your most important piece of branding tool. You will be using it in every marketing material, printed or otherwise. It’s what people will recognize your business by, after your name. So to have a well-designed logo means not just having one that looks good but is also unique and well thought out.

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Designing The Perfect Logo Step by step Calculation

So you might be asking yourself, “How can I design the perfect logo for my business?”. Well for that you need to follow these 7 principles:

Know Your Brand Identity 

Your brand identity is how you want people to perceive your business. What emotions would they associate your brand with? Are you serious and trustworthy? Or, Friendly and fun? Whatever they may be, your logo needs to reflect those emotions as it will be used for your branding everywhere.

This is why the first step of logo design doesn’t actually involve designing the logo. You first need to sit down and write four to five words that encompass the feeling of your brand. This lays the groundwork for all the next steps.

Find The Right Designer

Another crucial step before beginning the design process is finding the right person to design the logo. Whether you design it yourself, hire a freelancer, or do it through a digital marketing agency, the important thing to keep in mind is that the designer needs to fully understand your brand’s identity and has the design prowess to reflect it in the logo.

This is why it is recommended to work with an agency when developing the logo. This allows you to have a professional quality and consistency in your brand’s look. You can check out PrintAgraphy’s Logo Design services here.

Pick Colors and Fonts Carefully

When it comes to designing a logo, its colors and fonts need careful consideration. Colors have tons of different meanings, and those meanings can change depending on how you choose to combine them. So, it’s necessary to pay attention to color theory and be absolutely sure about the message being sent by your logo’s colors.

Similar to colors, fonts also influence people’s perception of your brand. For instance, Serif fonts are usually associated with seriousness, elegance, and vintage. While on the other hand, Sans Serif fonts are associated with being casual, clean, and modern.

Keep The Logo Simple

Any designer worth their salt will recommend you to keep the logo as simple and straightforward as possible. What it means is to use colors, fonts, and other elements sparingly.

Having too many colors, fonts and complex shapes will distract people from the message you are trying to send with your logo. A simple logo tells a cohesive story and keeps people from getting mixed messages from it.

Make It Scalable

A good logo should be easily scalable. Meaning it should look good and retain its recognizability at any size.

Because keep in mind that you will use your logo on a plethora of materials. So if your logo that looks good on a business card looks odd and out of place when put on a billboard and vice versa, it is not a well-designed logo. Good logos will retain their details at any size and successfully convey their message.

Make It Easy To Recall

This point relates back to simplicity. Like I said earlier, after your business’s name the logo is what people will recognize your brand by. So, prioritizing recognizability should be a primary focus while designing a logo.

The logo should be able to remind anyone of your brand and business after only a quick glance. This will not be possible if your logo is smothered with colors and saturated with unnecessary elements. Always strive to focus on a single concept or story and make it shine through your logo.

Good logo design relies on simplicity, cohesiveness, and focus. Which can only be pulled off with good brand awareness. So keep that in mind, take these steps to heart and you’ll surely be able to create a versatile logo.

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