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How & Why You Should Use Booklets in Your Print Marketing Strategy

When it comes to print marketing, booklets are one of the most well-known materials of the medium. Although they don’t see nearly as much use as other materials such as brochures and leaflets, their effectiveness isn’t something to be downplayed.

Booklets are made up of two or more pages that are stitched together. By design, they have the same purpose as brochures, which is to disseminate information. But the way booklets achieve that purpose is different.

Unlike brochures, booklets tend to be less concise. They focus on a single topic and try to provide the reader with detailed explanations and additional information. These are often intended to enhance the user experience of a product or service. Booklets may even include illustrated steps on using the said product.

How To Use Booklets In Your Print Marketing

Booklets can be of many different shapes, sizes, and uses. In most cases, they are used as a product catalog. But this versatile material can have other uses as well. Your booklets don’t always need to market a product. They can be informational and still build your brand.

So let’s look at some of the forms a booklet can take and how you should use them-

1. Product Catalog

There’s nothing more satisfying for a customer than flipping through the pages of a beautifully designed and well-constructed product catalog.

The main purpose of a product catalog booklet is to inform the reader. So it needs to incorporate high-quality images of products along with their features and other relevant information. Keep in mind this is an integral marketing tool for your business. So I recommend putting the utmost care in its design and creation.

2. Branded Magazine

Remember when I said that your booklets don’t always need to market a product? Well, that is where branded magazines come into play.

A branded magazine features articles that are relevant to your business, industry, and customer base. You can also use it to showcase all the hard work your team has been doing. Since they are relevant to your business and industry, you can also include articles and stories from your customers. This is a great way to build on your brand using booklets.

3. Staff Handbooks

Every company has rules, procedures, and history that the staff members need to know. So a booklet that includes your values, history, and code of conduct is great onboarding material for new employees.

You can also have booklets that function as workbooks. They can be created by putting well-designed infographics, training activities, and other information that your staff might need to keep at hand.

4. Coffee Table Books

These are simple yet effective booklets that help in creating a positive first impression of your brand. Imagine a customer waiting in the lobby flipping through a booklet with an eye-catching design, fun and relevant information, or stories of your customers.

This experience may seem mundane but has rather a large impact. In the process of waiting, they have effectively learned about your company, heard the voices of other customers, and gotten some useful information about your business and industry.

Whichever type of booklet you need to use, always make sure that it’s well-designed both aesthetically and functionally. Especially in the case of product catalogs, as they can directly affect your sales. So its design and quality should be given the topmost priority.

We recommend having your booklets professionally designed and printed. This ensures greater quality and fewer mistakes while printing. Here at PrintAgraphy, we offer services for both booklet design and printing. You can check that out here.

Why Use Booklets In Your Print Marketing

Some important reasons to opt for booklet print marketing-

A. Their versatility makes it so that they are in both homes and office areas, maximizing visibility. It also helps that they are not just exclusively marketing materials. Depending on their design and quality, they can also become collector’s items.

B. Booklets are cost-effective compared to other types of print marketing such as newspaper ads, billboards, etc. This means they bring greater ROI compared to the other materials.

C. If well designed and written, they grab customer attention and disseminate information effectively.

D. Businesses of any size can benefit from booklet print marketing. Even the smallest business with a tight budget can produce good booklets.

E. They are an effective sales tool for sales representatives. Sales reps can hand them to prospects to make an informed buying decision. Or even just keep it for future reference.

F. With all the craze of online shopping, customers can get tired of looking at scenes for product information. Booklets give customers all the necessary information while making a tangible connection with your business.

It’s safe to say if you are not using booklets in your print marketing, you are missing out. They are great tools for building your brand cost-effectively and efficiently. Make sure to use good imagery and thoughtfully plan the content to generate better brand recall.