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10 Best Print Marketing Strategies for Dhaka

In the past decade, the rise of the digital medium has introduced many new ways to market a product or service. Low on budget? Hire an influencer instead of a celebrity. Have ZERO budget? Try reaching people organically through social media platforms. Print marketing strategies are given below.

There truly is an abundance of techniques and platforms, making the world of marketing more diverse than it ever was.

But, no matter how many new ways to market there may be, Print Marketing takes the cake when it comes to efficiency and efficacy. Especially in Dhaka. Where even though a lot of people can be reached through digital means of marketing, print provides the widest possible reach and engagement.

Best Print Marketing Strategies for Dhaka


So, let’s look at 10 strategies for maximizing the impact of your print marketing in Dhaka.

1. Banners and Signs

If you haven’t seen it already, Dhaka is kind of filled with banners and signs everywhere. Almost too much soo.

But they work. In an urban jungle like Dhaka, these provide ample amounts of exposure. Because they can be installed in almost any public place, for a relatively low cost, for thousands of eyes to see.

They also last for months, sometimes even years on end. Which makes them a great way to get long-term exposure.

2. Newspaper Ads and Insertion

Millions of people read newspapers every day. Which makes it another versatile medium of print marketing, catering to big and small budgets alike.

You can publish an ad in a newspaper’s main section or its supplementary issue. But if your budget is small you can have your printed materials like flyers, brochures, pamphlets, etc interested between the pages.

3. Door to Door

This involves taking your printed materials like brochures and leaflets directly to the potential customer’s doorstep. This is effective if you have thoroughly researched an area and found the demographic to be within your target customers.

4. Trade Fairs

Tread fairs are great for a combination of print marketing. Since usually, a large number of people visit these fairs, putting up banners and signs on stalls and food areas brings much exposure.

You can also hand out your printed materials in person yourself, or by convincing a stall to feature them.

5. Add Discounts/Deals

This is more of a strategy for designing your printed materials to get the most value out of them. If your printed material such as a leaflet or flyer doubles as a discount coupon, it’s more likely to raise the desire of the reader to buy your product or service.

This strategy also gives a longer shelf life to those materials as they can be reused later.

6. Include With a Giveaway

Giveaways are good for getting the customers to try out your products. Including with this a brochure or other printed material of your products and services will inform the customers about your company as well as other products that might be of interest to them.

7. Through Neighboring Businesses

Having a good relationship with your neighboring businesses can often bring about mutually beneficial outcomes. Having your neighboring businesses feature or hand out your materials and vice versa will lead to greater exposure for everyone involved.

8. Incorporate With DIgital Marketing

Your print and digital strategy don’t necessarily need to be separate. They can actually complement each other quite well.

Add hashtags, social handles, or campaign links to your printed materials. This will drive traffic to your digital efforts and reach people in an effective and cost-efficient way.

9. Printed Merchandise

People are now willing to support the brands they like in more ways than just buying their products or services. Having printed merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, etc gives customers a chance to show their brand loyalty and appreciation.

These can also be used in giveaways and campaigns.

10. Branded Stationery

Business stationery is often looked at from a utilitarian view. Since they are not specifically marketing material and are not sold to the customers, it’s easy to underestimate their impact on your brand.

But having business stationery such as pens, envelopes, folders, and even receipts and invoices designed and printed with your aesthetics, reinforce your brand. They signal professionalism and attention to detail. It is an effective marketing strategy to establish the look and feel of your brand. Take a look at our Business Stationary solutions for maximizing brand impact.

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