Print anything with ease

General Conditions

  1. Client must read the terms and conditions before placing an order.
  2. As Printing standard are guaranteed to be within industry standards, 5-8% color variation compared to digital presence is acceptable (RGB vs CMYK device compatibility issues).
  3. If the color accuracy is critical, client must notify or confirm before accepting our services.
  4. Client cannot cancel the order in the middle of the production (when the product is in the press), and will pay the bill in full.
  5. Print A Graphy reserves the right to cancel/delay the order processing for technical issues.
  6. After confirming a certain order, changes in design, sizes and quantity will vary the prices of the products.
  7. Client will pay the additional fitting charge for the product like – Banner, Sticker, Festoon, Signboard etc.
  8. Client must provide the raw illustrator file of the logo for designing the printing products.
  9. If the client demands for regenerating the logo, printAgraphy will charge additional.
  10. If client provide the product design, it will be taken as print ready.
  11. If the client requests any changes in the given design, it will require additional charges.
  12. Client must raise their issues within 48 hours after receiving products, otherwise the claim will not be considered valid.
  13. Print A Graphy can take any legal action for unpaid order against the client or company (if company denies to pay the order price).
  1. Client must read the terms and conditions before placing an order.
  2. Client must purchase digital marketing/strategy package for a minimum of 3 months They can cancel their package any time after that period with one-month prior email notice.
  3. Bills will be charged monthly. Clients must pay 60% of total bill within first 7 days of the month.
  4. Packages are designed by considering clients need. Unused services are allowed to roll over to the next month.
  5. Clients can change the services in the packages as per their requirements.
  6. Client can customize the packages by adding extra charges.
  7. If any technical issues found regarding your preferred social media channel, we won’t be responsible for this type of problem.
  8. PrintAgraphy reserves the right to terminate the services at any time with written notice to the Clients if clients don’t meet the terms & conditions properly.

Design Related Conditions

  1. Client must provide the design brief in detail as much as possible
  2. Revision as per package plan (3 to 5 times).
  3. Design concept is delivered as per package plan (2 to 3).
  4. Client can select one concept for revision.
  5. Revision cannot be the replace of the full design (Client can revise in Font, Color, Logo & Element placement).
  6. Print A Graphy is not responsible for low quality logo or low resolution of uploaded image by the client.
  7. Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the client.
  8. Errors in user-selected options such as product type, size, finishing options or quantity.
  1. Revision as per package plan (3 to 5 times)
  2. Design concept deliver as per package plan (2 to 3)
  3. Client can select one concept for revision
  4. Revision criteria (Font, Color, Logo & Element placement)
  5. Client must provide brief in detail as much as possible
  6. Without any proper brief client have to accept design as per our analytics

Other Conditions

  1. For Sampling Additional Charges is Applicable.
  2. The client can request for the samples only after approving the quotation.
  3. For sampling the client must pay sample charge in advance.
  1. For Logo – JPGE, PNG, PDF, AI, EPS
  2. For Graphical Post – JPEG, PNG, PDF (For AI, EPS, PSD additional 500 BDT will be charged extra per design)
  3. For Printing Products – JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI, EPS (If the client receive design discount, only JPEG, PNG and PDF will be given)